In its basic form, the Mining Unit Wholesale Platform is simply a buy and sell, always open, market for trading “mining time” with other Vizionaries.

If your only goal with Vizionary is to mine Capricoin, this is where you will purchase Mining Units (mining time). It takes 50 mining units to buy 1 slot and the price for 1 slot on the platform will vary from €7.00 (minimum) to €12.50 (maximum). Over time (after 500 units used), mining bonuses can reduce your actual mining costs as explained below.

In other words: If you are a miner that uses more than 500 mining units in a period, you will be rewarded with bonus mining units.


In addition to being a place where you can buy and sell mining time, the Vizionary Wholesale Platform also represents an opportunity.

Let’s take a closer look at how it works:

First of all, every Vizionary member that wants to mine Capricoins needs to use mining units to purchase mining slots. When someone purchases a product package they are given a specific number of units in the package, which they can only use for mining coins (these initial units cannot be sold). Once these units are used, the member then has two choices if they wish to continue mining:

  1. They can add more money to their account through bank transfer, credit card, etc.
  2. They can recommend Vizionary to others and earn commission through the rewards plan.

With option 2, a minimum of 20% of the commissions earned must be used to purchase mining units. In both cases, members need to use the funds to purchase mining units from the wholesale platform. These mining units can then be used to to purchase mining slots to mine for more Capricoins. This can create an exponentially growing demand for mining units.

When a person wants to buy units, they can choose to purchase by either placing a “buy bid” that becomes listed on the platform, then wait for someone to agree to sell at that price or they can choose to purchase at the current best price. When someone chooses to purchase at best price, this means that they are willing to pay more than the highest buying bid in the system. This results in an instant purchase at current lowest selling price on the platform.

On the selling side, the people who are building Vizionary and earning commissions, don’t necessarily always need or want to use the units they bought with their 20% mandatory commissions. Any units bought with the mandatory commissions can be sold after 72 hours and if a person wants to sell their mining time, they create a supply of mining units. Some people are in a hurry and choose to sell instantly and directly to people that have placed “buy bids” in the system. In other words, they are willing to sell their mining time cheaper than the currently listed, lowest selling price on the platform.

Otherwise, if a person that has the time and desire to list their mining units at higher bids, they can profit from those sales.

Let’s look at an example that will explain this:

First of all, it is important to know that Vizionary does not charge any transaction fees on the platform.

Now, let’s assume this scenario:

The highest buy bid on the platform is €0.239 and that the lowest sell bid is €0.246. Let’s say you have €500 on your account. You place your buy bid at €0.239 and someone sells their units to you, so you get 2092 units. After that, if you placed those units for sale again at the lowest selling price of €0.246, you would get back €514. So, you just made €14.00 profit, which you could either withdraw or use to buy back even more units.

The fact that there are no fees for buying or selling, you can even earn profit with a tiny price difference of €0.001 per unit.

At this point, you might say to yourself – if it’s this easy to earn profits, why doesn’t everyone do this? Well, the answer is simple. We are all different people, with different economies, perspectives and reasons. Some people don’t care and don’t want to spend the time. They are in a hurry to mine, they are in a hurry to sell etc. This benefits those who are willing to take the time to do it.


Vizionary rewards active miners. You can get up to nearly a 40% discount on wholesale prices if you are an above average miner. The discount comes in the form of a bonus which is paid out every 10 weeks.

Here is how it works:

  • On the wholesale platform there is a clock that counts backwards from 70 days down to zero, which then resets and starts again from 70 days.
  • From your Vizionary back office you are able to purchase mining slots for up to 10 weeks in advance. So, each week when the mining results are posted, you will have access to purchase mining slots for another week (the 10th week). This advanced mining may serve you well if for some reason you cannot access the mining page for a few weeks.
  • All units you use above 500 units in current 10 week bonus round, allow you to get back 20% at the end of the round. Additionally, you will also get back 20% for all units you use above 1000 units in the next bonus period.

It is important to note that; as long as you keep mining into the future and above the minimum requirements you will get 20% back on the same units, TWICE. First you will get 20% on the units because you pre-purchased slots for the next period, then you will get another 20% on the same units when they become slots in current period.

Let’s look at an easy example:

You qualify with 1000 units for the next period (that means you have used 2000 units), by purchasing slots today that will be mined after the pay-out date of the upcoming mining bonus pay-out. When the bonus day is upon us, you will get 20% (200 units) back in bonus. At the same time, the slots you purchased earlier now become slots in current period. So when you again reach the bonus pay-out, you will get another 20% – but this time on 1500 units (because of the qualifying rules), resulting in 300 units back – on the same units you got bonus in last bonus pay-out. This is a total of 500 bonus units, which would allow you to purchase 10 more mining slots.


Here is a preview of the maximum % you can get back as a Mining Bonus, based on membership mining limitation vs mining bonus qualification rules.


Product Package

  • Mining limit is 2 slots per week = 10 % maximum bonus

Product Package

  • Mining limit is 8 slots per week = 32.50 % maximum bonus

Product Package

  • Mining limit is 24 slots per week = 37.50 % maximum bonus

Product Package

  • Mining limit is 80 slots per week = 39.25 % maximum bonus

Product Package

  • Mining limit is 100 slots per week = 39.40 % maximum bonus

Note: These maximum bonus values can only be reached by mining the maximum amount of units that your membership allows, including keep filling up the mining weeks. The less you mine, the lower your bonus will be. Obviously the Gold package and above is what you should aim for to get as much ‘discount’ as possible. Also note that the mining bonus is given to you as mining units. These bonus units have a lifespan of 60 days. This means that you either have to use them to mine Capricoin or you must sell them within that time frame.